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Fall 2015 Webinar Series

Business Branding Online (September 10, 2015) Learn about the importance of consistent branding and how to transform your physical brand into an online brand using a variety of digital platforms and tools. Exploiting Google Tools (October 8, 2015) Learn about the free tools Google offers with an account. Many of these tools can help you work more effectively and efficiently within your business and help you spread the word about your business. We’ll look at Google Business, Drive, Hangout, Forms, Webmaster and Analytics just to name a few. Online Management & Event Planning Tools (November 12, 2015) Want to host your own event, like a gallery opening? Learn about event management tools available online to help you plan, sell tickets and collect RSVP’s. Having trouble scheduling a meeting with multiple people? Learn to create a Doodle poll. There are lots of free and inexpensive tools available online to help you manage and organize your ideas. Join us to learn about a few of our favorites for small businesses.      

Let’s Talk Jackson Podcast

featuring Mary Margaret Miller, the Bureau Manager for Creative Economy and Culture at Visit Mississippi