Mississippi’s creative economy generates jobs with more than 60,000 people make a living directly from creative professions in our state. Our creative economy strengthens our communities and helps us tell our story. There are six sectors of Mississippi’s Creative Economy:


Visual & Performing

The most classic segment of the creative economy, Visual & Performing Arts is made up of those people who earn their living from their artistic talents, the most intentional originators of creativity who turn ideas and visions into art, craft, music, and/or performance. Examples: Jewelry, photography, music performers, theater, dance, craft artists, fine artists, sculptors, actors, etc.In 2013, the payroll for this sector in Mississippi was $746,890,000.



Design is an applied art form: applied to products, print and web-based content, buildings and landscapes. Because the creative content of this sub cluster is not always self-evident, it is often overlooked as part of the creative economy. Examples: Architects, landscape architects, industrial designers, fashion designers, floral designers, graphic designers, interior designers, set and exhibit designers, etc.In 2013, the payroll for this sector in Mississippi was $166,260,000.

Film, Video & Media

One of the state’s fastest growing sectors of the creative economy, this sub cluster comprises 19 sectors that span the distribution and production of motion pictures, music, radio, cable and television programming and multimedia firms. Examples: Motion picture and video production, record production, music publishers, radio networks, television broadcasting, sound recording studios, etc. In 2013, the payroll for this sector in Mississippi was $1,527,160,000.

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Literary & Publishing

Mississippi’s literary legacy is unmatched, and the wealth of creative writers, bookmakers and merchants currently play an important role in our statewide economy. Examples: Screen printing, digital printing, book printing, book and periodical merchant wholesalers, book stores, publishers (newspaper, periodical, book), as well as libraries and archives. In 2013, the payroll for this sector in Mississippi was $241,930,000.


Museum & Heritage

Mississippi has an exceptionally strong and recognizable cultural heritage that serves to drive and inspire its creative economy. Although the smallest of the six creative economy sub clusters, it is the most difficult to quantify and is inevitably undercounted because many of the jobs are within government and because there are so many part-time and volunteer employees. Examples: Museums, historical sites, and zoos and botanical gardens. In 2013, the payroll for this sector in Mississippi was $11,910,000.


Culinary Arts

Mississippi is arguably most widely known for its incredible hospitality, including a rich foodways tradition. And in today’s creative economy, the impact of the culinary arts on community culture, job creation and local identity is undeniable. Examples: Eating establishments that employ a trained chef, regularly change the menu, serve local fresh foods, and/or offer the customer a culinary experience. Independent coffee shops, some of which roast their own coffees. Catering companies, businesses involved in making and selling baked goods, confectionary stores, specialty food items and food processors, and those eating or drinking establishments that had special features associated with creativity. In 2013, the payroll for this sector in Mississippi was $11,910,000.